Careers, Career Development, and Career Management

Wiernik, B. M., & Wille, B.
In D. S. Ones, N. Anderson, C. Viswesvaran, & H. K. Sinangil (Eds.),
The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology (2nd ed.)
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
(2018, in press)

Research on careers, career development, and career management has been growing rapidly in vocational psychology, IWO psychology, management, and organizational behavior. Studies across these different fields have adopted a myriad of definitions, models, and methodologies for studying individual careers. We review these diverse conceptualizations of careers, as well as prominent career theories from many traditions. We then review empirical evidence on the processes of career choice, individual change throughout careers, career persistence, and career success. Finally, we review factors contributing to effective career self-management and different methods organizational career development.