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We examined intraindividual patterns of Big Five personality traits associated with creative interests. In 19 samples, artistic and scientific interests showed distinct personality profiles, especially for aspects of Openness.

Individual work role performance drives the entire economy. It is OP/OB’s most crucial dependent variable. Alternative specifications for the definition and latent structure of individual performance are reviewed and summarized.

We extend cluster analysis to compare of objects across the entirety of multiple score distributions, rather than merely distribution means. Potential applications include development of test norms across populations.

Performance ratings have been frequently criticized for low reliability. This article examines how ratings reliability can be improved using multi-scale composite performance measures.

As workforces become older, post-retirement employment is increasingly important in the 21st century. We examine the psychological experience of aging to better understand why some people work after retirement.

We meta-analytically examine the relations between age and a variety of environmental sustainability constructs, including environmental concern, attitudes, values, intentions, and behaviors. Age shows negligible to small relations with sustainability.