The modeling and assessment of work performance

Campbell, J. P., Wiernik, B. M.
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2, 47–74

Individual work role performance drives the entire economy. It is OP/OB’s most crucial dependent variable. Alternative specifications for the definition and latent structure of individual performance are reviewed and summarized. Setting aside differences in terminology, the alternatives are remarkably similar. The Campbell (2012) model is offered as a synthesized description of the content of the latent structure. Issues pertaining to performance dynamics are then reviewed, along with the role played by individual adaptability to changing performance requirements. Using the synthesized model of the latent content structure and dynamics of performance as a backdrop, issues pertaining to the assessment of performance are summarized. The alternative goals of performance assessment, general measurement issues, and the construct validity of specific methods (e.g. ratings, simulations) are reviewed and described. Cross-cultural issues and future research needs are noted.