We examined personality similarity of male and female executives. Both male and female executives generally demonstrate an archetypical “leader personality” focused on assertiveness, high-level strategic thinking, and decisiveness, with this pattern more pronounced among women.

We report meta-analyses of Big Five personality-job performance research conducted in South Africa. Results showed that the Big Five traits have similar validity for job performance as found in other cultural contexts.

Increased conceptual clarity and methodological rigor is needed in personality-outcome research. We describe the hierarchical nature of personality and the impact of multiple traits and errors on score interpretation.

This conference paper explores the impact of diplomats' self-efficacy for international mobility on their well-being while abroad and the environmental factors that support mobility self-efficacy beliefs.

I examine the relations between intraindividual configurations of Big Five personality traits and Realistic vocational interests in 20 samples. Strengths for Openness to Intellect consistently predicted Realistic interests.

We examined intraindividual patterns of Big Five personality traits associated with creative interests. In 19 samples, artistic and scientific interests showed distinct personality profiles, especially for aspects of Openness.