My research focuses on the study of individual differences variables, such as vocational interests, personality traits, cognitive abilities, and work values, for application in a variety of settings, including vocational counseling, personnel selection, and career development. I study the role of these individual differences in driving a variety of work-related behaviors, including career choices and development, job performance, deviant behaviors, and pro-environmental behaviors. I am also interested in the development of quantitative methods for facilitating high-quality decision-making by individuals and organizations using psychological assessments. In addition, my research also focuses on the systematic integration of research using meta-analysis and the development of new meta-analytic methods.

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These are a few of my most recent and in-press publications.

Increased conceptual clarity and methodological rigor is needed in personality-outcome research. We describe the hierarchical nature of personality and the impact of multiple traits and errors on score interpretation.

This chapter reviews the measurement of interests and work values in IWO psychology, their impact on career choice, satisfaction, and success, as well as development, group differences, and practice challenges.

This chapter reviews diverse conceptualizations and theories of careers, empirical evidence regarding career choice, change, persistence, and success, and factors contributing to effective career management and development.