Brenton M. Wiernik

Assistant Professor of I–O Psychology

University of South Florida


I am an assistant professor of industrial–organizational psychology at the University of South Florida. My research focuses on understanding individual differences characteristics, such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, interests, and values, and their impact on work and life outcomes. I also develop new quantitative and meta-analytic research methods and study how employee work behaviors can contribute to environmental sustainability.

I am a developer of the psychmeta package for conducting psychometric meta-analyses in R, available from CRAN and GitHub.


  • Personality
  • Individual differences
  • Career development
  • Meta-analysis
  • Psychometrics


  • PhD, Industrial–Organizational Psychology, 2016

    University of Minnesota

  • BS, Psychology, 2012

    University of Minnesota

Recent Publications

Not restricted to selection research: Accounting for indirect range restriction in organizational research

We develop new methods for bivariate indirect range restriction corrections and show how they can be applied in a variety of research …

Protean and boundaryless career orientations: A critical review and meta-analysis

We examine the structure, construct validity, and criterion validity of protean and boundaryless career orientations